KP35 Turbo Charger for Renault Scenic CLIO KANGOO 1.5 DCI 54359700000 54359700002 For Suziki Jimny 1.5 DDiS K9K K9K 700

pneumatic 12, kyiv ukraine

Auto Daihatsu

Nissan  patrol di  3.0l d  zd30ddti  00 - 05. Paramount raptor grill lettersFor bmw m3 e36 e46 s54b32 european model. Mixed. 13541740073   13 54 1 740 073. 14935-jf00a 14935-jf00b. Purge solenoid valve. 078109088c 078109087e 058 198 217 078-109-087-c 06d109229b. Fit car3: Verso e. A6860-vm09a 1460a037 294009-02514 a6860-ec09a. 

Mk3 Polo

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Car Oem Parts

Clutch sport. Hyunda getzWith arp 2000 bolts x 8 pieces. 3s4z9j559aa,3s4z-9j559-aa,1s7z9j559ba. 1638690820 1638601160. 724639-5006s  724639-5002s  724639-0002Td04hl-19t. 12621234 gmc. Freelander land rover. 23796-ja10b. Oem no: Wholesale mitsubishi 3000gt. 46 853 01-s. Truck hooks. For lexus ls400 sc400  toyota tundra 4runner sc430 gx470 land cruiser. For mazda millenia 626 mpv miata mx-3 mx-6 rx-8 1992-2002. For toyota landcruiser td 3.0l d 1kz-t/1kz-te 93-96. Toyota temperature sensor. 

Wholesale Unloader Valve

Wholesale polaris carb. K03 k03-052 k03 052 turbocharger turbo. 116-018  7-02109. 25/974602. J08c: Corresponding car models:Solenoid 3port. Porsche cayenne 2009. 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001. Engine kx250f. Vw bora , bora 4 , oem vw golf mk4. 36460-paa-l21 36460paal21 ac271 ac4072. Wholesale grasshopper gubi. 49377-03031Sku882697. Engines & components pistons/ rings/ rods. Rare decorating parts and keep your car unique and eye-catching. 

spects of Hirohiko Araki's long..." /><"" />
“ idc if this is an extremely niche crossover im just so proud of myself for finishing animating it
concept from here


idc if this is an extremely niche crossover im just so proud of myself for finishing animating it

concept from here

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Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe Ep.10: The Run tease page at Run appears in Weekly Shonen Jump 13, out today.

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Red Stone of Aja and Space Kars Super Strap Collection charms by Medicos. ¥ 926 each, February 2018.

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More ‘50 Years of JUMP‘ Jojo merch - Stardust Crusaders Stand icon cup.



JO☆STARS tour merch,
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Rohan Kishibe statue that doubles as a memo holder, by Sentinel.

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New Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe OVA announced.

Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill ( 六壁坂 ) will be adapted to anime and is scheduled for release July 19, 2018.

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@donutsandpacifism that Rohan Kishibe pen has no business looking this good.


@highdio I got a different color version but damn if that shit aint sexy


OKAY first I should state that I have not a clue how to do Caesar’s hair.  I’m imagining something like High Dio’s mullet + a headband and a feather tho??

The rest I tried to do the general flow or shapes in red to show you how I do it- problem is, I’m mega ass at doin pomps, yo.  Can’t do em.  Apologies about how rough these sketches are but here’s some pointers:

  • Josuke: Stick a steak on there. Check mark goes up in the back.
  • Okuyasu: Smaller steak. More like a tight cute pork chop.  That’s what Oku is, a tight cute pork chop. Check mark goes down.
  • Rohan: Just let the douche wave flow through you. Don’t forget to draw the diamonds of his headband as overlapping, not touching on the points- that makes the headband too thin.  Shave the sides super close.
  • Joseph: Get the douche wave going but then hang ten and fling it all back and make gravity work for you because its clear BT!Joseph cared nothing for logic, gravity or physics anyway (WHERE DID THE PLANE EVEN COME FROM).

I hope this helps though!!

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I discovered the model viewer

I’m bringing sexy back. Them other boys don’t know how to act.


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